Devils Stair case hike is probably one of the most popular hiking and jeep tracks in the hills of Sri Lanka. The difficulty levels and the spectacular view of the green mountains of Sri Lanka has made this a hikers paradise. But only the most passionate and dedicated hikers will undertake this 19km hike. Devil's Stair case map

Generally hikers choose the Bambarakanda Rest near Bambarakanda Ella Falls as the starting point to the journey if they wish to start the journey from this end. This trail goes over old dilapidated estate roads through many estates.  Subsequently, ends on the Ohiya–Horton Plains road around the halfway distance from Ohiya Railway Station to the Horton Plains Entrance.

There are no markers along the route. Therefore, it is advised to use a guide if attempting the journey for the first time. Furthermore, the route has number of folks and they could easily divert you from the original path.  The trail is 19km long from Bambarakanda and would take approximately 7 hours to complete the hike.

The two most popular points on the route is the “V cut”, a channel cut through the hill to allow the road to pass through. You will come across this after entering the Udaveriya estate.

Passing this, the road will go across a stream which creates the tallest fall in the country, the Bambarakanda Falls.

Key Facts

  • Guests can do this hike as a uphill hike (1000 m elevation gain – starting from Kalupahana) or as a downhill hike (Starting from Ohiya)
  • Up to date first aid, qualified medical officer, adequate refreshments, pack lunch, back up vehicle for emergency transport, tour guide and helper will be provided for the hike.

Best Season

  • December to April is the best time to do the Devils Stair Case hike.
  • July and August also recommended.