This trek starts from Rangala which is a village amidst tea estates. Trekkers will trek through line houses, pine forests, lowland rain forest, water streams etc. while experiencing the village life. You can refresh yourself by having a bath in a fresh water stream which starts from the Knuckles Mountain Range. Then you’ll walk towards the Heeloya village.Heeloya village location

Heeloya is a rural, remote agriculture village which is situated in the Kandy district. Along with a unique attraction of understanding how justice meted out in the good old days. Further, the proceedings of hearing a case by the village-headman and the location are still intact.

The main livelihood of the village is paddy cultivation. And also home gardening, livestock and spice trading. Villagers engage in toddy tapping and beekeeping as extra income sources. Further, handicrafts and traditional dances supports them too.

Being a very traditional village, it is unique in that it identifies itself with practicing even to this day some local customs in daily life. Tourists are encouraged to work and become part of the village life. Mainly by engaging in plucking fruits and vegetables for a meal to prepare according to the local taste. They would also get an opportunity to watch some other aspects of this village being the Heeloya waterfall, local species and herbs.

Visitors to Heeloya can get a feel of the life in a typical village in addition to trekking and sight-seeing and a culinary experience in true Sri Lankan style!

Best Season

  • December to April (best period of the year)
  • July and August also recommended


Tea estates, lowland forest, water streams, birds, paddy fields etc