Nestling off the southern tip of India, the tropical island Sri Lanka has tempted travelers for centuries. For the reason that its palm fringed beaches, diverse landscapes and historical monuments. In Sri Lanka, trekkers can experience the rolling hills, greenery valleys, cascading waterfalls and forests. And also tea plantations, paddy fields, village life, flora and fauna, all in one day walk. Hence, trekking makes you feel that you've truly visited Sri Lanka. Trekking paradises are Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Horton Plains, Knuckles range and many more....

Central Highlands of Sri Lanka – Declared as World Heritage site on 31st July 2010

Sri Lanka's highlands are situated in the South-Central part of the island. It includes the Peak Wilderness protected area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest. These montane forests, where the land rises to 2,500 meters above sea-level. Also they are home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species such as the Western-purple-faced langur, the Horton Plains Slender Loris, Montane endemic birds (5) and the Sri Lankan leopard. Above all , the region is considered a super biodiversity hot spot.

Hiking Trails in Sri Lanka

Hiking is a long, vigorous walk specifically for pleasure or exercise on trails (footpaths), in mountain ranges.  There are many hiking trails in the country. And most certainly you will experience some of the most scenic and toughest hiking trails in Sri Lanka such as Peak Wilderness, Kirigalpoththa & Knuckles Mountain range.