Kirigalpoththa is the 2nd highest Mountain of Sri Lanka after Pidurutalagala. The peak elevation is 2,388 meters above sea level. Also, it is the highest point in the Horton Plains National Park. And most importantly the highest peak accessible to the public and tourists without prior approvals. Kirigalpoththa Hike

Trail to summit of this Kirigalpoththa is a good reflection of the raw natural beauty of Horton Plains. The trial is 14 km both ways. And will take around 5 1/2 hours of trekking, hiking & mountaineering challenges. Attempting Kirigalpoththa is for the daring adventurers. Because, as the conditions can be treacherous due to the difficulty of the terrain and weather. A single & a slightly over grown path through grassy plains, cloud forest, swamp. And finally steep rocky surface which lay at a 30 degree angle dropping into a boundless gap. But once you reached the top it gives you a picturesque site of the mountain ranges of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Leopard & Sambur are the bigger wild animals you may come across. If you are lucky, you may even encounter a few endemic bird species. Such as Yellow eared bulbul, Ceylon white eye, Dull blue flycatcher, Ceylon scimitar babbler.

Elevation gain of Kirigalpoththa is 290 meters. The best hiking season runs through December to April months. July and August also recommended.

Key Factors

  • Up to date first aid, qualified medical officer, adequate refreshments, pack lunch, back up vehicle for emergency transport, tour guide and helper will be provided for the hike.