Sri Lanka is a tropical jewel of 65,610 sq. k.m; lush diverse paradise to the wildlife explorer, a place for nature travelers with dramatic mountains and unlimited valleys. Out of the entire land 29.7% is still belongs to tropical montane rain forests, tropical sub montane rain forests, tropical wet lowland evergreen forests, tropical dry monsoon forests etc. This percentage is one of the highest in Asia. In this tiny gem we have 26 national parks and 61 sanctuaries to explore.

When it comes to wildlife Sri Lanka is a must visit destination in the world because its home to 127 mammal species including the world largest mammal ever recorded – Blue Whale. Mirissa is the top destination in the world to spot this majestic giant.  Apart from this over 5,500 of Elephants that roam freely.  Apex predator in the Jungle – Sri Lankan Leopard is another spectacular entity in Sri Lankan wildlife. We have the biggest leopard subspecies out of the 7 subspecies in the world up to date. Sri Lanka hosts 501 bird species, 221 reptile species, 119 amphibian species, 91 fresh water species and 245 butterfly species, many of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

For nature & adventure travellers Sri Lanka is a truly exquisite place with so many nature walks, adventure hiking trails etc. Central Highlands of Sri Lanka where the land rises to 2,500 meters above sea-level are home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna, including several endangered and endemic species. This is a region of magical beauty mostly described as mystery.