The Kota Ganga Ella Falls (Kota Ganga Ella) is a cluster of cascading waterfalls in Knuckles Mountain Range in the Kandy District. The cluster consists of at-least 7 major segments totaling probably over 100 meters in height. The cluster of waterfalls lies deep inside the jungle with no established trail and other trails known by the villagers. Also there is no full view point for this waterfall.

Trekkers can reach this waterfall from Thangappuwa village.  The hike is approx. 5.5km uphill walk. It’s highly recommended to go with a guide who knows the directions well to the fall.

Best Season

  • December to April is the best time to do the Knuckles hike
  • July and August also recommended

Key Factors

  • Up to date first aid, qualified medical officer, adequate refreshments, pack lunch, back up vehicle for emergency transport, tour guide and helper will be provided for the hike.